Man Trapped by Forest Fire Rescued by Turkish Air Force

A man left stranded amid ongoing forest fires in the Milas region of Turkey’s Mugla province was rescued on August 4 by a Turkish Air Force helicopter crew and treated for smoke inhalation, the defense ministry said.

Video released by the ministry shows a soldier leading the man out of smoke and into a waiting helicopter, where he immediately collapses onto his back.

The defense ministry said the man received medical care aboard the helicopter as the crew continued to comb the area, looking for any other residents stranded in the blaze. A photo tweeted by the ministry showed the man receiving oxygen while being cradled by a member of the crew.

The defense ministry said the man had become stranded in Feslegen, a rural area close to the coal-fired Kemerkoy power station. Mayor of Milas Municipality Muhammet Tokat confirmed later on Wednesday that fires had reached the power plant, prompting its evacuation. The nearby coastal area of Oren was also evacuated, Tokat said. Credit: Turkish Ministry of National Defense via Storyful

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