Man Sues North Texas Police Officers for Pepper-Spraying Him During Son's Arrest

A man has filed a lawsuit against two Keller Police Department officers after he was pepper-sprayed and arrested as he filmed his son’s arrest in Keller, Texas, on August 15.

Dillon Puente was pulled over by Keller officers for making a wide right turn in the neighborhood of Riverdance, according to bodycam footage. The footage shows Officer Blake Shimanek placing him in handcuffs as his father Marco Puente was nearby, recording the officer’s interaction with his son.

Shimanek is heard directing an officer identified as Ankit Tomer to arrest Marco Puente. Marco Puente attempts to speak to Tomer, who grabs his wrist as Shimanek approaches and places Puente in a headlock, the footage shows.

Tomer pepper-sprayed Marco Puente in the face twice before placing him in handcuffs and bringing him to jail, according to Puente’s attorneys.

Puente’s charges were dropped and he was released from jail. Two days later, Captain Tracy Talkington and Police Chief Brad Fortune met with Marco Puente to apologize for their officers’ misconduct, according to Puente’s attorneys. Shimanek was demoted for his role in the incident, local media reported.

Puente has filed a lawsuit against Shimanek and Tomer, as seen in the plaintiff’s complaint document dated December 14, which was shared by Puente’s attorneys. Credit: Keller Police Department via Storyful