Man sparks debate after asking woman on a date via LinkedIn: ‘Super risky’

A man has taken romance to the next level after he used LinkedIn to ask a woman out on a date.

TikTok user Hannah Harmelin went viral last week when she shared a screenshot of the clever message a business student sent her via LinkedIn messenger. The video, which has been viewed more than 719,000 times since it was posted, shows the clever way the man slid into her LinkedIn DMs.

“Hey Hannah – Skipping the line on a dating app and coming straight to you,” the message read. “Aggressive move, ikik [I know I know]. Life’s too short not to go for what I am highly interested in.”

“Happy to connect regardless of your openness to meet,” he added, before signing off with: “Kindest regards”.

Harmelin was seemingly shocked by the MBA candidate’s creativity in asking her out, considering she wrote in the video: “This mans really came to LINKEDIN”.

However, TikTok users questioned the man’s unexpected efforts to find Harmelin on her professional LinkedIn profile after seeing her on a dating app.

“This is honestly a red flag lol,” wrote one person in the comments.

Another replied: “Agree, I don’t want to be approached in my workspaces. Either by a random or worse, by someone who stalked me there from Bumble.”

“I would no doubt get reported to my employer for this,” commented someone else.

“Super risky, his employer is listed and everything,” said another TikToker.

One person said they “prefer to keep it professional on LinkedIn,” while someone else simply said: “Sir I use this to further my career not find a hookup.”

Meanwhile, others found his creative approach charming and a way to stand out from the crowd.

“Honestly…. 9/10 I would hate this, but something about his message is attractive. The energy.”

It’s the “kind regards” for me. Keeps it classy,” said one person.

“LinkedIn approach is crazy but he kept it respectful,” someone else agreed.

“LinkedIn is the new Tinder,” a third person said.

This man isn’t the only single person who’s recently been creative when it comes to dating. Earlier this month, a woman named Leah Nicewander also went viral on TikTok when she added her credit score to her Hinge dating profile.

In a TikTok video that has more than one million views, Nicewander revealed the shocking amount of matches she received from male suitors after she included a screenshot of her 811 FICO credit score to her Hinge profile.

One Hinge user named Thomas replied, “Alright easy. Don’t turn me on so early in the morning.”

Another male suitor named Alex wrote, “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen on this app. I’m sold.”

“This is sexy,” said Jake, while someone named RJ replied: “My kinda girl”.