Man sits in the woods patiently for wild deer to approach

Chris has always had a love for animals. Animals seem to sense this in people and will often approach them curiously, as they do with Chris in this video. He has chosen a spot on a log in a protected forest in Ontario, Canada. The deer are completely wild and they are free to roam through a vast area of beautiful forest. Because they are not hunted here, they have little reason to fear humans.

The animals in this forest will often allow people to get much closer than usual and those who visit are often rewarded with the sight of deer grazing in the distance. But Chris shows how it's possible to sit quietly and wait for them to come close. He has brought a few apples and carrots and the sound and smell of the crunchy treats makes them curious enough to come right up to share. Eventually, he gains their trust completely.

Chris moves slowly and speaks softly and soon has the deer eating right out of his hand. Many people would be thrilled to have a close look or encounter with a wild animal like this, but to be able to touch and feed a deer like Chris is doing provides memories that will never be forgotten. For Chris, this is not an isolated incident. He finds himself surrounded by animals wherever he goes. Whether its sea turtles, wild birds, horses, and even sharks, Chris befriends them all.