Man Rescued From Under Izmir Rubble Nearly 10 Hours After Earthquake

A magnitude-7.0 earthquake reduced several large buildings to rubble in Izmir, Turkey, on Friday, October 30, prompting overnight efforts involving several thousand personnel to rescue residents and pets trapped beneath rubble.

Footage shows rescue crews pulling a man, identified as Buse by officials, from pile of debris which they said he was under for 9.5 hours. “Thank you, Buse, for not giving up,” the agency tweeted in celebration of the man’s survival.

Friday’s earthquake was followed by at least 615 aftershocks, Turkish officials said, and triggered a “small tsunami” that flooded the coastal town of Seferihisar, near the earthquake’s epicenter.

According to Turkey’s disaster management agency, at least 36 people were killed and 885 were injured in the earthquake. Credit: Turkish Gendarmerie via Storyful