Man Rescued After Crumbling Cliff Collapses at California Beach

Emergency responders rescued a man fell an estimated 100 feet when a cliff crumbled beneath him at Moss Beach, California, on Friday, August 26, according to Cal Fire Santa Cruz.

Cal Fire said the man was walking a dawn when the cliff collapsed. Coastside Fire Department pulled him to safety within 22 minutes of their arrival.

Video posted by CAL FIRE CZU, which they said was taken on Friday, shows the cliff rescue in Moss Beach.

“Avoid cliff edges as they are unstable,” Cal Fire warned. Credit: CAL FIRE CZU via Storyful

Video transcript

- On line.

- Stop.

- Stop.


- How are you doing?

- Good.

- Are you calm?

- Much better then--

- No, not at all I just--