Man Raja Lawak donates portion of winnings, selling car and bike to help those affected by MCO

Arif Zikri
Man Raja Lawak has chosen to sell off his car and motorcycle to further help those affected by the MCO. — Photo courtesy of Instagram/ Man Raja Lawak

KUALA LUMPUR, April — Man Raja Lawak announced that on top of sharing his Maharaja Lawak Mega (MLM) 2019 winnings, he will also sell off his car and his motorcycle to help those who are struggling during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

The one half of the comedic trio in Puteh who won last year’s MLM cash prize of RM500,000 with Ali and Mamak, has since been flooded by over 5,000 messages in his Instagram inbox from people requesting for financial aid.

Touched by the messages he received, Man said he hoped that someone would help him out by buying his car and bike so that he could continue to give back to the community.

“In this crucial time, I am calling to anyone who still has some cash with them. Please buy my bike and my car so that I could add it into my donation pool.”

“Whoever is interested, please leave me a message on my Instagram inbox. I will sell it at a reasonable price,” he said in one of his Instagram posts.

Apart from that, Rahman also admitted that some people are asking him about his mode of transport now that he is going to sell off his bike and car to which he cheekily replied that if Anju (referring to controversial actress Zarina Anjoulie) could drive a Satria Neo, he saw no reason why he couldn’t drive a ‘Kancil’.

As of yesterday, Rahman has donated a total sum of RM13,000 and left with a balance of RM37,000 which he will continue to give out in the form of monetary aid until the balance was spent.

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