Man races against time to change hundreds of clocks

This man is racing against time to change 365 clocks

before daylight saving time puts the clocks forward for summer

Werner Stechbarth has been collecting clocks since 1975

He usually leaves 3-5 days for the task

"Back in the day when I was still a bit hectic I used to have clock parties, I invited friends around and between 2 and 3 a.m. we changed all the clocks. But that was when I was young and beautiful. Now I do it all alone."

"My clocks are the love of my life, I love them above all else. In the evening - other people take sleeping pills so they can sleep - I sit in my comfy chair, turn everything off, look at my clocks, listen to the ticking and watch the hands moving. And then I feel so calm and relaxed that I can go to bed and sleep beautifully."