Man Proposes After Missing Ring Found During Texas Tornado Cleanup

A couple got engaged during tornado cleanup efforts in Powderly, Texas, on November 8, after their missing engagement ring was miraculously found.

Dakota Hudson and his girlfriend Lauren Patterson lost almost everything when a tornado hit the area last week – including the ring Hudson had planned to propose to Patterson with.

Speaking to KXII, Hudson said that when he told Patterson the ring had been lost, she’d assured him it was “alright” because all she needed was him.

Luckily for the couple, the Paris Junior College softball team arrived on the scene to help with the cleanup, and got to work looking for the ring.

Melaina Lopez told Storyful that the team ended up at the Hudson family property to help out, and were told the couple had been looking for an engagement ring that had been lost.

She said that a couple of the girls found pieces of the ring box, before a team member found the actual ring in the mud under the rubble about an hour later.

Footage filmed by Lopez shows the moment Hudson gets down on one knee amidst the damage and debris to propose to Patterson.

“It was truly one of the most remarkable things we have witnessed. Congrats to the newly engaged couple,” Lopez said.

Patterson described the proposal as “very surreal” moment. “I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal,” she told KXII. Credit: Meilana Lopez via Storyful

Video transcript


- I could pass out, y'all.

- Yes!

- Did you find it basically?

- Oh my god.

- This is so good. This is so good.

- We already know it's not going to fit. Just so y'all know, they gave him the wrong size.

- All right, fine.


- But we're still going to fix it while we can.



- Take that one off.

- Yeah.

- It ain't going to fit, but it's--


- Aw!

- Woo, yes, I'll take it.

- This is crazy.


- Good job, guys.


- OK, I need a--

- Yes sir.