Man ‘prays’ to caged rodent for blessings in Year of the Rat (VIDEO)

Tan Mei Zi
A trapped rat found itself at the centre of an absurd situation when a Chinese man started praying to it. — Screengrab from Facebook

PETALING JAYA, Jan 14 — One man recently decided to take his Year of the Rat celebrations to the next level by praying to a live rodent.

A 34-second long Facebook video, believed to have been taken in Malaysia, shows the individual kneeling to the ground in front of a rat trapped in a cage while holding joss sticks in prayer.

The man is heard uttering wishes for prosperity and good luck for the upcoming Year of the Rat as onlookers start chuckling in the background.

An impromptu “shrine” with more joss sticks and a Chinese talisman with the characters for “The Rat God” is also seen near the cage.

The man wraps up his prayer by placing the lit joss sticks into a jar in front of the trapped rat as an “offering”.

Chinese New Year falls on January 25 this year and marks a new cycle for the Chinese zodiac calendar.

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