Man makes $3,000 a month by giving performances on the NYC Subway, to support himself during COVID

A man who lost his job during lockdown is now raking in $3,000-a-month using giant plastic rings to create mesmerizing performances on the New York City subway. Danila Kharlamov, 24, has managed to turn his captivating ring illusions into a way of supporting himself after losing his job during COVID shutdowns. “It’s like dancing and juggling together,” said Danila, from Lodi, New Jersey. Danila, who goes by 'Ring Jedi' on social media, worked at a company selling discounted Broadway tickets, but lost his job when the billboards went dark. He now travels on the NYC subway, usually the E & F lines, performing his captivating ring illusions, taking in an average of $3,000-a-month.