Man leaves fiancée behind after she falls from motorcycle while he tries to dodge police checkpoint

On the list of all-time worst relationship red flags, being thrown off a motorcycle and left behind by your fiancee because he’s trying to escape from the police has got to be among the most merah.

That’s apparently what happened to one poor woman last night at the Penang Bridge Toll Plaza leading to the island. She was riding on a motorcycle with a man when they saw that the Road Transport Department (JPJ) had set up a checkpoint to inspect all vehicles.

According to the JPJ, the woman fell off the motorcycle when the man stopped suddenly. Instead of retrieving her, he did a quick u-turn and sped off.

The aftermath of the incident was captured in a Tiktok video by @amirulainul4788

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Penang JPJ director Adenan Md Isa told the media the incident happened last night at 9:45pm.

“The man in question was probably startled and when he braked, the passenger who was also a woman fell and suffered a minor injury to the palm of the hand,” Adenan said as quoted by Berita Harian

“When our team directed him to pull over for further examination he sped away on his motorbike by making a U-turn, leaving the woman behind.”

The JPJ director said he suspected the man drove off because he did not have a proper license or registration for his vehicle.

Adenan said the woman, who is in her 20s, admitted that the man was her fiance when questioned by officers. She was not arrested as she was found not to have broken any laws but she disappeared after being questioned without receiving any treatment for her injury.

We’re hoping she left quickly so that she could tell her fiancee the wedding was off.


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