Man laughs when he discovers neighbor's cows have hilarious names

Dave loves to see the cows in the meadows when he is out for a walk around his neighbourhood. Several times a week, he walks past a farm where the cows are particularly curious and friendly. He noticed that they would approach the fence and even follow along the edge of the meadow as he walked past. He decided to go up to the fence and greet them properly. Dave even thought it would be fun to record the cows as they ran over to meet him. Obviously, the famers here must treat their animals with kindness because they are not hesitant to approach and even sniff at a stranger who stops and speaks to them. Much like large dogs, these cows seem very friendly. The farmers must also have a sense of humour too because Dave notices that the ear tags don't have the usual names you would expect like Florence, Maisy, or Henry. These cos are named Johnson, Hammer, Earthquake, and Tank. They are fitting names for large and stocky animals like these. This farm is one of many in Ontario that pride themselves on having beautiful outdoor meadows and paddocks for the animals. They are fed hay and grain in the winter, but during the warmer weather, they are allowed to roam free and graze on lush grass in a large meadow. This environment provides a more stress free existence for these gentle creatures. Many people turn to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle because of the ethical concerns surrounding farming. Large, factory farm operations have their animals indoors without the freedom to move. Profit is placed a head of herd health and cruelty is not uncommon. But ethical farms like these provide a very happy life for the animals, and all but their final days are as close as possible to what nature intended. Anyone who chooses to eat meet can easily find farms like these in most communities.