Man knocked off bike with cat says he’s been receiving messages telling him to kill himself

A man who was knocked off his bicycle with his viral cat Sigrid by a moped says he has received thousands of abusive messages on social media after posting a video of the incident online.

Travis Nelson was with his cat Sigrid, mounted in a basket, when he was struck while cycling through London. A police officer attended and advised Mr Nelson to wear a helmet next time.

But after posting the video on social media, Mr Nelson said he came under severe attack from users.

“People have been messaging me telling me I should kill myself,” he told The Independent. “They’ve been reporting me to the RSPCA to take Sigrid away from me. I’ve been getting threats all day.”

Mr Nelson says he is now avoiding social media due to anti-cyclists criticising him for his lack of a helmet to taking his cat along with him. But he is adamant, it won’t stop bringing Sigrid for rides with him.

Mr Nelson reports receiving “thousands” of abusive messages (Trevor Nelson)
Mr Nelson reports receiving “thousands” of abusive messages (Trevor Nelson)

“This will not stop me at all,” he told The Independent. “If I don’t go out, Sigrid will be at the door yelling, wanting to go out. She will climb on the bike and meow.”

The six-year-old Norweigan First has been riding with Mr Nelson since the days of lockdown where they both began to venture out together on the bike, but before that he’d been taking Sigrid with him to beaches and parks. He has even written a book about the relationship called Sigrid Rides.

“There is nothing unsafe about cycling,” he insisted. “You can do it with your cat, you can do it with your children. Cars are dangerous. Nothing I did put me in danger.”

Sigrid after the accident (Trevor Nelson)
Sigrid after the accident (Trevor Nelson)

Mr Nelson said his leg was bruised up and he was suffering from knee pain. However, Sigrid is “absolutely fine” and that the crash “didn’t phase her at all”, he said. He reported she’d been enjoying her new cat bed and that she’d been back to her usual self within minutes.

The Metropolitan Police have been approached for comment.