Man found guilty of murder in Toronto van attack

The man who plowed a rental van into dozens of people in Toronto, Canada in 2018 was found guilty of murder and attempted murder by a judge on Wednesday.

Ten people were killed, and 16 wounded by the driver - 28-year-old Alek Minassian.

Victims’ families – outside of court Wednesday - said they were relieved.

”Oh, well, it's like you're holding your breath for three years and you can finally breathe.”

Nick D’Amico’s sister was killed in the attack - which Minassian had said was motived by a desire to punish society for his perceived status as an "incel" - otherwise known as an involuntary celibate.

Minassian had pleaded ‘not criminally responsible.’

His lawyers argued his autism spectrum disorder left him with no idea how horrific his actions were.

But the judge dismissed that defense - and read a guilty verdict that was live-streamed on YouTube.

Catherine Riddell was among those injured in the attack:

"Oh, it was the best I could hope for. I think it was a fair decision. And he can spend the rest of his life in jail because he deserves it. I'm sorry he took lives and he didn't care. And you know what? You just have to be accountable for what you do. And he's going to have to be.”

A sentencing hearing will be scheduled and - according to criminal lawyers following the case - Minassian is likely to get a life sentence.