Man Drives 1,200 Miles to Reunite With Missing Dog in Tennessee Shelter

A dog owner drove 1,200 miles to a Tennessee animal shelter to reunite with his missing pet on October 18, the Washington County Animal Shelter said.

“Just over 6 months ago, Blue went missing,” the animal shelter wrote on Facebook. “His owner Pat searched and searched but couldn’t find him. And then he had to move to Texas for his work. He thought he’d never see Blue again.”

The shelter said Pat’s friend spotted a video showing his beloved pet playing ball at their facility, prompting Pat to contact them immediately to make arrangements. Footage posted to Facebook shows the moment Pat was reunited with Blue after making the trip from Texas to Johnson City, Tennessee, where the shelter is located.

“We don’t many happy endings like this one,” the shelter wrote. “There were some tears, tons of doggie kisses and lots of smiles. What a great story!” Credit: Washington County Animal Shelter via Storyful

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