Man Drinks 25 Glasses of Wine to Mark Each Mile of the London Marathon: It Was 'Such a Great Day'

Tom Gilbey, a wine merchant, ran the London Marathon to raise money for Sobell House Hospice

<p>Tom Gilbey Wine/Tiktok</p> Tom Gilbey

Tom Gilbey Wine/Tiktok

Tom Gilbey

Running on wine!

Tom Gilbey, a wine merchant, has gone viral on TikTok this week after he uploaded a video of himself blind-tasting a different glass of vino during each mile of the London Marathon.

In the clip, Gilbey is seen stopping to guess the drink’s grape variety, country of origin and vintage. He was able to guess seven fully correct and 14 mostly right, while he got four incorrect.

Some of the wines Gilbey tested ranged from a Burgundy Pinot Noir from 2018 at his first stop to a French Suav Blanc from 2023 at his final stop.

Gilbey ran the London Marathon to raise money for Sobell House Hospice, which he said "nursed and cared" for his mom in her final days on a JustGiving fundraising page.

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Speaking with The Guardian after the event, Gilbey said the marathon went “really well," adding, "It’s my first experience of this going absolutely mad, and I feel very honored."

“It’s just incredible, and it’s great because that’s what it’s all about," the man, whom the outlet said completed the race in four hours and 41 minutes, continued. "It’s for a great charity, and they’re one of many hospices that just work their socks off to make massive differences.”

As for how he avoided getting drunk or feeling tipsy during the race, Gilbey said he only drank small sips or spat the wine out after tasting it. “If they were good, I might swallow it, and if they were bad, they went on the road,” he explained.

When the race was over, Gilbey told The Guardian that he celebrated his feat by drinking a glass of champagne.

“I was totally exhausted, totally cooked, but it was just such a great day and the atmosphere is just too fabulous for words so really, it doesn’t matter how painful it is,” he said.

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