Man Draws Gun During Altercation in Downtown Chicago

An altercation between two men on a Chicago street became heated, video published on June 26 shows. This video shows a white man draw a gun after, eyewitnesses say, a homeless black man took a baton from him.

This video does not show the events that led to the altercation between the two men. This video shows the first man drawing a weapon, the second man, described as homeless by the source of the video, walking away with a baton, and, after the gun is put away, a physical altercation that sees the first man push the homeless man over the railing to the ground.

The first man is white and is wearing a holster. He is seen quickly putting the gun away before pursuing the homeless man and telling him to “drop it.”

The second man is black and can be seen wearing a face mask, bandanna, and gloves. He is seen shouting incoherently and banging on a railing as he walks towards the camera.

Bystanders intervened in the altercation, pleading with the first man to walk away from the situation. Both men are heard in the video asking for their property to be returned.

Peter Schomp, who filmed this video can be heard saying: “Leave it alone man… it don’t need to f**king happen right now.”

The incident shows the end of the altercation with the homeless man back on his feet and passersby working to calm the situation.

Storyful has contacted Chicago Police Department for information regarding this incident. Credit: Peter Schomp via Storyful