Man and dog compete in World Coal Carrying Championships

STORY: Dreamed up over a pint in a British pub in 1963 as a test of fitness and 'butchness' (markedly masculine), the championships require participants to carry a large bag of coal on their backs and complete the course in the fastest time possible.

Males carry a 50 kilogram sack of coal, while females carry a 20 kg one.

According to the championships' official site, the history behind the event began when one man walked into his local pub, the Beehive Inn in Gawthorpe, and said to another male customer that he looked unfit. Somewhat offended, the customer, who was also a local coal merchant, challenged the man to a race while carrying a sack of coal to prove his fitness.

Prize money for 1st place is £750 ($979.26) for men, £500 ($652.84) for women and £150 ($195.85) for veterans.

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