Anti-Abortion Rights Climber Detained After Scaling 60-Story Salesforce Tower in San Francisco

A man was taken into custody after climbing the exterior of San Francisco’s 60-floor Salesforce Tower on Tuesday morning, May 3, the city’s fire department confirmed.

Fire personnel and other public safety officials were on the scene at 415 Mission Street, the department said. “This person is placing firefighters lives and the publics safety at risk. AVOID THE AREA and join us in condemning this action,” the department tweeted.

Video from outside of the tower was posted to Instagram on May 3 by the climber, Maison Des Champs or @maison.deschamps, who calls himself “Pro-Life Spiderman.” Des Champs posted videos of himself on the tower to his Instagram story, as well as a graphic photo of an infant.

According to a website linked on his Instagram page, Des Champs identifies himself as “a rock climber that has recently started climbing skyscrapers to end abortion.” In the post, Des Champs identifies a doctor who he calls an “abortionist” and calls for the doctor to be “held accountable.” Des Champs also urges people to donate in the name of ending abortion. Credit: Kevin Leake via Storyful

Video transcript

- Why?


- This dude--

- Where is this dude? Oh my god.

- Oh, it's the [INAUDIBLE] dude.

- That's insane.


- I don't think he's on a harness.

- He's not on a harness.

- He's definitely not.

- That dude is not on a harness.

- Yeah.

- Holy crud. I can't even.

- He was right here in front of us.

- That's insane.

- I thought there'd be more cops with like, uh--

- Holy crap.

- Jesus Christ.

- Holy crap.

- Why is there not one of those little--

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