Man’s desperate plea for face transplant after losing his legs and nose in freak accident

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(Jam Press)

A father who has undergone 30 operations after a freak accident changed his life forever has shared his desperate plea for a face transplant.

Adán Olmos García burned his entire body and lost his eyelids and nose after getting electrocuted in an accident five years ago.

The builder, who was 23 at the time, stepped in a puddle while handling electricity and as the jolt pulsed through him, fell to the pavement from the third floor of a building.

Adán believes that a face transplant is his only hope to help him move on with his life and is currently trying to raise the funds for the surgery.

The rare procedure involves replacing all or part of a person's face using tissue from a donor.

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”I want to fight and continue fighting,” Adán told NeedToKnow.Online.

”Life has changed me drastically. I was electrocuted with a high voltage cable while doing construction work, laying a floor in a grocery store.

”It was raining that day and I stepped in a puddle of water and was shocked.

”I pulled myself up and managed to hold on. But the shock threw me from the third floor and I fell onto the pavement.

“At that moment, my employer hugged me with a blanket. I felt intense pain.”

 (Jam Press)
(Jam Press)

Adán spent a year recovering in hospital, where doctors had to amputate his legs due to his injuries.

He also received treatment for his face, with the skin having burnt off.

The builder said: “This caused quite strong injuries as well as complete loss of my face loss of the abdomen and chest and loss of both legs.

”Now… […] I am looking for a face transplant.”

Unfortunately, Adán’s recovery took a toll on his relationship with his wife. Their marriage eventually broke down.

He added: “I just wanted her and our son to be happy. I wish her the best in life.”

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(Jam Press)

The father-of-one, who has a son, not named for privacy reasons, now lives with his brothers, nephews and cousins who continue to give him emotional support.

He said: “My son has been my motivation to keep going, I have a very solid family.”

Despite his positive attitude, Adán still lives in excruciating pain and believes a face transplant is his only option.

Unfortunately, it is estimated to cost over £300,000 (7 million pesos MXN).

He said: “The doctors say that everything is ready for the transplant, only the money is missing so that the transplant can be done.

”Although it is somewhat painful to continue in this state, I know that life can surprise me and for as long as I live there is hope.”

 (Jam Press)
(Jam Press)

After overcoming so much trauma, Adán refuses to let anything stop him doing what he loves. He continues to lift weights, do DIY and play with his son.

Adán shares his life on Tiktok where he melts the hearts of social media users.

In a viral video that has raked up 28,000 likes Adán demonstrates his DIY skills after the accident.

One user said, “Respect, God bless you man.”

”You are living proof that God is great and has a purpose for every person,” said someone else.

”You are my inspiration, if you can do it, I can do it,” said a third user.

Another person said: “My respects my bro.”

”I think we all agree that this man is an example of self-improvement and absolute motivation,” said another user.