Man crashes car into London police station

A man crashed a car into a north London police station on Wednesday, according to British police. The man has been detained and there were no reports of injuries.

However, unverified footage on social media showed a car at the front of the station and a man appearing to start a fire before being tackled to the ground by officers.

London Metropolitan Police said the incident took place just before 7 p.m. at the Edmonton Police station which was then evacuated.

Ambulances and fire engines were deployed to the scene and police tape wrapped the station.

Local police later launched an investigation, led by both local and counter-terrorism officers.

The Guardian reported that the incident didn't initially appear terrorism-related, but there were no further details given by the police.

London's mayor thanked Metro police on twitter who he said, "brought the situation under control and continue to investigate the incident."

The terrorism threat level in Britain was raised to "severe" earlier this month after attacks in France and Austria, although, the government says there is no specific threat at this time.