Man Caught on Camera Peering in Pennsylvania Home Multiple Times

A man was caught on camera three separate times peering into a home in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, surveillance videos show.

Kristen Zwiesdak captured the man walk up to her front door and lean in to look through a living room window.

The incidents occurred on April 15, 24, and 25, during moments she claims her family was sitting in the room he was looking into. In the April 25 incident, the man has a phone in his hand and Zwiesdak said he appeared to be taking photographs of her home.

Zwiesdak posted videos she retrieved from her home security cameras in a Facebook group for local residents. She said she has been messaged by two separate families who have also recorded the same man at their homes.

“If anyone has had him come to their home please please make a police report,” she wrote on Facebook. Credit: Kristen Zwiesdak via Storyful