Man admits to filming private parts of wife's alleged lover, sending video

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SINGAPORE — Wanting to catch a woman they suspected to be having an affair, a group of four trapped her and her alleged lover in a car that the pair were in before attacking them.

The group then held the 37-year-old male victim down and took photos and videos of his private parts before sending a video to 500 of his contacts. 

The four accused persons are the 37-year-old female victim’s estranged husband, her 52-year-old uncle, her 22-year-old male cousin – who is also the uncle’s son – and the cousin’s girlfriend, 23.

The husband and the 23-year-old woman pleaded guilty on Monday (18 October). The husband pleaded guilty to one count each of voluntarily causing grievous hurt with common intention, distributing intimate images, and disorderly behaviour. Another three counts of a similar nature will be considered for his sentencing.

The woman pleaded guilty to one count of criminal intimidation. A probation pre-sentencing report was called to assess her suitability for the rehabilitative sentencing option.

The other two male accused have their cases fixed for pre-trial conferences.

All parties involved in this case cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the victims' identities. At the time of the incident, the husband was undergoing divorce from the female victim. 

On 7 February last year, the accused persons went to the female victim’s home as they suspected she was having an affair. When the victim left home and boarded the male victim’s car, the four accused began following her in their cars. They kept in contact, updating each other about the victims’ location. The uncle, who was following in a separate car, got lost a while later.

As the cars exited the Bukit Timah Expressway to Woodlands Centre, the husband and the cousin coordinated to trap the victims’ car with their respective cars. One stopped in front of the victims’ car, while the other stopped behind to prevent the car from escaping.

The husband, the cousin, and the latter's girlfriend then forced the victims out of the car and proceeded to a grass patch where the two male accused began beating both victims.

The cousin held the male victim down while the husband rained punches and kicked at him while insulting him. The husband shouted, “What’s your relationship with her? Before I remove your clothes, you better say it now... Don’t make me shoot you to death here now…”

The cousin also poked the male victim’s eyes and choked him. Meanwhile, the uncle showed up after finding his way to the grass patch. He joined in the attack.

When the female victim tried to intervene, her husband spat at her. Her uncle also slapped and kicked her, then dragged her by her neck.

The three male accused decided to humiliate the male victim. While the cousin continued restraining him, the uncle exposed the victim's private parts. The husband and the uncle then took photos and videos of the male victim using the victim's own phone. The husband sent one of the videos to 500 of his contacts, including his colleagues, friends and neighbours.

The 23-year-old woman filmed the entire incident, which lasted about half an hour, with her own phone to collect “evidence” for the husband’s divorce proceedings. When her phone battery died, the woman used her boyfriend’s phone. She moved around to film the incident and zoomed in on the male victim’s private parts.

When the police arrived, the three male accused shouted derogatory comments at the female victim and sang “happy birthday” to mock her. They were then arrested.

As a result of the attack, the male victim incurred $1,365.87 in medical bills. He sustained a fracture to an eye socket and collarbone. He also became unemployed as he did not renew his contract due to his extended hospitalisation leave. 

The husband and the 23-year-old woman will return to court for their sentencing on 10 December.

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