Man 'Acting Suspiciously' Leads Police Helicopter to Auckland Meth Lab

A New Zealand police helicopter was led to a suspected meth lab in an Auckland suburb on January 11, by a man who police say was “acting suspiciously”.

The police’s Eagle helicopter and Delta unit were investigating an unrelated matter in New Windsor shortly before 5 am on Monday morning, they said, when they spotted the man behind nearby properties.

Footage released by police shows the man walking through various properties. The video shows the helicopter directing officers on the ground to the man’s location, where he attempted to evade arrest, police said.

A bag containing a firearm and a large quantity of methamphetamine were found nearby, police said. Police also said they located a suspected methamphetamine lab.

The man was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, possession for supply of methamphetamine, manufacturing methamphetamine, and unlawfully being in an enclosed yard. Credit: New Zealand Police via Storyful