Man, 34, reveals how wild berries and rain water kept him alive for 10 days in California woods

Lukas McClish was rescued on Friday after ten days (San Mateo County Fire Department)
Lukas McClish was rescued on Friday after ten days (San Mateo County Fire Department)

A man who spent 10 days lost in a California forest has revealed how he survived by eating wild berries and drinking water collected in his boot.

Lukas McClish, 34, was rescued after setting out on June 11 near Big Basin Redwood State Park, about 14 miles north of Santa Cruz.

He was reported missing on June 16 after local rangers received reports of someone shouting for help.

Using drones to determine his location, the rangers were able to bring him to safety on Friday, according to Sky News.

Mr McClish had only intended to go for a three-mile hike when he got stranded near a waterfall. Remarkably, he confessed that he was “comfortable the whole time” despite craving a taco bowl for the initial five days of the excursion.

"I didn't bring anything because I thought I was doing a three-hour hike to go to work," he said, adding that he had only a flashlight and folding scissors.

"So, I kind of just hiked," he added. "Each day, I go up a canyon, down a canyon to the next waterfall, sit down by the waterfall, and drink water out of my boot."

"I had a mountain lion that was following me, but it was cool," he added. "It kept its distance. I think it was just somebody watching over me."

He told US media that he kept alive by drinking water from creeks, eating berries and sleeping on a bed of leaves.

"I want a burrito or a taco bowl. That's what I thought about every day when I, after the first five days, when I started to kind of realise that I might be in over my head."

Mr McClish had no major injuries and has been reunited with his family, the local sheriff’s office has said.