Mama Koala and Joey Return to the Wild After Vaccination

The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital released koala Cassidy and her joey Cooly into the wild after the pair received a chlamydia vaccine in Queensland, Australia, on Thursday, July 14.

Cassidy and Cooly were a part of the wildlife hospital’s Koala Chlamydia Vaccine Research Program. The hospital reported 60 percent of its koala admissions are due to chlamydia as “the disease is one of the largest threats posed to the species’ survival and affects also fertility.” The Australian government listed koalas as endangered in February of 2022 according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Video posted by Currumbin Wildlife Hospital on Thursday shows the pair’s release in Queensland, Australia. The hospital explained the program’s goal is to “capture and vaccinate 10 percent of the sub-adult koalas per year from the local Elanora population and monitor that population and level of chlamydia over five years.” Credit: Currumbin Wildlife Hospital via Storyful

Video transcript


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