Mama Bear and Cub Break Into California Home and Eat Donuts

A mama bear and her cub were caught on camera rummaging through a family’s kitchen inMonrovia, California, in early July, eventually finding tasty donuts to munch on.

Alice Taylor told Storyful she recorded this video at her home on July 2. Taylor told local news station ABC 7 the “mama bear removed the screen of an open window to get inside.”

The video shows the mother bear searching around Taylor’s kitchen before finding donuts on the counter. Taylor can be heard questioning what to do before someone in the video starts stomping, spooking the bears who then exit through a window.

Taylor told Storyful this was not their first bear break-in, and said the mother and cub came back the next day.

“Thankfully our window was closed and we were able to shoot them away,” she said. Credit: Alice Taylor via Storyful

Video transcript

- I don't know how I got here Call Cade and tell him to stay in his room. How? All the doors are closed.

- I closed the window.

- Oh, the recycling and trash can. Seriously, what are we going to do?

- It's not going to come out.

- Let's let it out from the front door.

- No.

- Every door is closed.

- It's a window. You see?

- Oh, yeah, it went through our window. Oh my God, there's a baby there too. OK. OK.

- It's a mama bear, so it's aggressive.

- Oh. There's a baby there in the corner.

- Well, this is a close one.

- We need to leave the house. Should we go out the back?

- Yeah, it will be, like, through the side door.

- No. Oh my God! We need to leave.

- Yeah.

- So, essentially, what do we need to do? Oh, it took donuts. It took donuts.

- I think we just let it be.

- No, we can't let it be, but I don't want to make noise. I don't want to scare them. Should I make noise? Should I call 911? We need to leave the house.

- I think Cade is asleep. Baby wants some too? Oh, that's so cute.

- OK, we need to-- Oh my God, it's eating the donuts. This is not funny, but it's funny. If I make a little noise, do you think they'll go out?

- It didn't get them. I'll throw something at it.

- I'd rather leave.

- All right. Let's shake them.


- Go!

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