'Mama, Is That Your Baby?' New Jersey Deer Shows Off Tiny Fawn to Human Friend

A TikTok’er in New Jersey who has befriended a herd of deer that hang around her yard was delighted when the group seemed to be showing her a newborn fawn on her back patio.

Footage recorded by SnowFrickenWhite shows several adult deer gathered in a garden in New Jersey.

A small fawn can be seen curled up next to a storage bin on the patio while the adult deer approach the recorder, sniffing and licking her hand.

The recorder can be heard saying: “Mama, is that your baby?”

Other TikTok users fawned over the baby deer, with SnowFrickenWhite assuring several that the mother deer had been given “extra cookies.”

SnowFrickenWhite has posted several videos following the lives of the herd of deer that visit her back garden. Credit: SnowFrickenWhite via Storyful

Video transcript

- Mama, mama. Mama, is that your baby? Mama. Oh my god. Mama. You sweet girl, is that your baby? Oh. Oh, mama. Did you bring me your baby? Oh, how precious. Hi sweetheart, aw. Mama. Oh, mama. You sweet girl. Hi, precious. Oh. You little angel. Mama, your baby.

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