This Malibu Rum Candle Will Send You to a Tropical Island the Moment You Light It

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Etsy My Big Fat Greek Candle

From House Beautiful

Nothing screams summer like sipping a fruity cocktail while lounging by some body of water. Now you can bring those warm-weather vibes inside with a fun Malibu Rum candle that will bring your space to life!

The handcrafted soy candle is from Etsy shop My Big Fat Greek Candle. It’s made from an actual Malibu Rum bottle, so it’s a pretty cool upcycle. While the rum itself has a coconut taste, you have your choice of dozens of scents for your candle. But since we want to keep the beach vibes, we’d suggest going with Island Paradise, Sea Salt and Orchid, Jamaica Me Crazy, or Caribbean Teakwood.

In addition to customizing your own scent, you can also alter the outside of the candle. While the standard Malibu Rum bottle is white, you have the option of switching the primary color to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or mahogany.

According the Etsy shop, the candle burns for over 150 hours. You can order one for $25.99, plus a few extra bucks if you change the color. The shop has an average of nearly 5 stars from over 700 reviews, so it doesn’t sound like a purchase you’ll regret.

“The candle came out great!!! It was for a bday gift, and my friend loved it. Also, the Jamaica Me Crazy scent was amazing!” one buyer wrote.

As if we weren’t already low-key excited for spring and summer, we’re ready to light this candle and make ourselves a cocktail to fast-forward to hot weather.

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