Malaysians lampoon proposal of lemongrass straw idea to reduce plastic waste

Melanie Chalil
Twitter users like @lupqmansalam went to town with the idea. — Picture from Twitter/@lupqmansalam

PETALING JAYA, Jan 17 — Metal straws in place of plastic ones for a better planet certainly isn’t an alien concept.

But how about lemongrass for an even more eco-friendly way of life?

Following the announcement by the Kemubu Agricultural Development Authority (KADA) this week to introduce lemongrass as drinking straws to reduce single-use plastics, Malaysians have been having a field day on social media trying to picture what it would be really like to sip from the popular kitchen ingredient.

Some imaginative Malaysians took the agricultural agency’s idea to the next level, imagining what daily life would look like if all products and food items with straws were replaced with lemongrass.

@lupqmansalam showed off his impressive photo editing skills by imposing lemongrass on the back of milk cartons for those who need their daily calcium intake.

Fast food lovers, who are used to pressing down the lever of a straw dispenser, might find the stalky herb instead of the usual white plastic straw, as demonstrated by Facebook group Tentera Bawang Malaysia.

Some even put the green idea to the test by sticking lemongrass into a fresh coconut for the ultimate tropical thirst quencher.

“Please tag the minister who asked to use lemongrass as a straw get him to do a video demonstration on how he drinks using one,” commented @dney4505 on the practicality of using lemongrass.

The likes of @RyzulOsman took to Twitter to proclaim he was an early adopter of lemongrass straws as he tried to make sense of all the fuss on social media.

On Wednesday, KADA chairman Datuk Husam Musa suggested replacing plastic straws with lemongrass straws at public hospital cafes.

Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye said today it was not compulsory for public hospitals’ cafe and canteen operators to use lemongrass straws.

Dr Lee said it was up to operators to decide.

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