Malaysians detail their low salary increments by staying loyal to a company, finds more benefit in job hopping in viral post

Malaysia’s average household income is RM8,479 in 2022

An asian lady shaking hands with her boss, illustrating a story on low salary increments and job hopping.
Job hopping has been one of the most contentious topics in the working world, as many use this as one of the ways to increase their salary. (Photo: Getty Images)

A recent social media post from an American entrepreneur, Brett Adcock, regarding job hopping has sparked a debate between Malaysians on the effectiveness and necessities of doing so in the country. The post also drew stories from Malaysians who have been loyal at a single job for years, outlining the little wage increment most of them get from doing so

Brett Adcock wrote on X (formerly Twitter) about how he has hired thousands of people and yet those with a 'jumpy' resume tend to be a cause of concern for him.

“I've hired thousands of people, and I can't think of a single person I've hired with a jumpy resume who has worked out long-term. Not one,” he tweeted.

Being loyal may not provide as much monetary gain

Several Malaysian individuals on the internet offered firsthand accounts of the financial limitations associated with long-term employment at a single company in response to the post.

@Azwan_ on Twitter quipped “I stayed at one company in the past for many years. My increment was only RM1,700."

“My ex-manager worked for 12 years, only RM3,000 increment in total. Can't feed my family with that. Not surprised median income of Malaysians are just RM4,000 per month,” he added.

“I worked at a company for five years and my increment only went up by RM360,". said Dahlia.

Another user, @MHarizSharif, said that he only got RM800 in his five years at a company.

Why some Malaysians job hop

Meanwhile, @_irfanmowardi shared a success story of a friend who experienced a substantial salary increase by switching companies.

"Friend of mine jumped from a RM12,000 salary to RM54,000. For just a junior level manager."

User @terpalingcyber adds another dimension to the discussion by highlighting the benefits of job hopping beyond monetary gain.

“Another underrated benefit of job hopping is social network expansion. When we switch jobs, we get to know more people, making it easier in the future to hop for bigger pay. It's the compounded effect of job hopping!

User @MunFarro also shared a revelation when it comes to staying at a company for a longtime despite unsatisfactory pay.

“Loyalty pays you peanuts. You’ll be surprised of how much other companies are willing to pay for your expertise. I went from paying zero income tax to a yearly income tax of RM2,000,” he said.

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