Malaysian woman finds high school teacher who helped her with university fees after 36 years

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Norasiah Jamil has spent 36 years searching for her former high school teacher, who generously paid for her university entrance fees.

Her quest came to a successful end when her Facebook post went viral, and many people helped her locate her teacher, Pak Lin Haw.

Norasiah’s association with Pak began in 1987 when she was studying at SMK Alor Akar in Kuantan, Pahang.

“Cikgu Pak was my Form Teacher and she also taught us Chemistry,” she told Malay Mail.

Despite achieving good results for her SPM and receiving an offer from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UiTM) the following year, the 52-year-old stated that her family could not afford the RM1,200 first semester fees.

As a result, Norasiah had considered declining the offer initially.

“When Cikgu Pak found out I could not continue my studies, she talked me out of it. She even offered to help me out and gave me RM400 out of the total amount needed.

“As for the balance of RM800, my father borrowed RM400 from our relatives while the school’s Parents Teachers Association awarded me RM400 for my good SPM results.”

After Norasiah graduated with a degree in electrical engineering, she searched for Pak but was unsuccessful.

“No one seemed to know where she went until I posted my search on Facebook on Thursday, March 23, where one of Cikgu Pak’s church members connected me to her.”

Norasiah said she is waiting for Pak to inform her when is a suitable time for her (Norasiah) to visit.

“It turns out both of us are staying in Kuantan and she is located a mere 10km away from me.”

Asked why it took her so long to post her search, Norasiah said she did not have any pictures of her school days.

“All my pictures were swept away during floods and I only managed to find one picture of me together with Cikgu Pak at my parents house at Felda Lepar Hilir 3 in Gambang which I attached to the Facebook post.”


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