Malaysian woman documents daily commute, goes through horrifying walkways

Malaysia has built way too many buildings and highways in the Klang Valley without taking into consideration the thousands of people who have to commute via public transport or walk to work on a daily basis.

It is sad to say that the urban “development” in this part of Malaysia is merely for profit and we’re far from being a walkable city.

Recently, a Malaysian woman on Twitter posted her daily commute to and from work, showcasing the perilous path she travels five days a week.

Twitter user @justazimah posted a video of herself walking along a congested highway as a path after work as she made her way to the Pusat Bandar Damansara MRT station.

The video showed cars zooming past Azimah in close quarters, with no barriers to protect her from oncoming traffic.

“Look at the quality of the Malaysian pedestrian walkways that are so user-friendly,” Azimah sarcastically said.

“If I should trip even just a little, I’ll be hit by oncoming traffic. The MRT station is close by but there’s no proper walkway to it,” she added.

While Azimah acknowledged that shuttle buses are available to take passengers to MRT stations, she claimed she could not afford to wait for the shuttle buses to pick up passengers for the duration of their arrival.

“I am aware that shuttle buses are provided to commute between MRT Semantan to office areas. But not [everyone] can wait for the bus when it does not come every three to five minutes. The MRT station itself is just five to 10 minutes away from my office, so why do we not have a proper pedestrian walk?” Azimah asked in the Twitter thread.

The disgruntled Malaysian suggested solutions the government can take in order to create a safer environment for pedestrians.

“They (the government) can put traffic cones [along the sidewalk] to differentiate the pedestrian walkway and road. For me, that is enough to help me feel more secure,” she suggested.

Social media users also empathize with her situation and said they take the same route as her for their work commute. While some called out Malaysia’s unfriendliness towards pedestrians and tagged the Transport Ministry to look into the issue.


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