Malaysian wife spooks husband in home quarantine by donning full PPE to send food to him

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Haqif initially mistook his wife for a Health Ministry staff member when she showed up at his door in full PPE. — Screen capture via TikTok/ThechknKL
Haqif initially mistook his wife for a Health Ministry staff member when she showed up at his door in full PPE. — Screen capture via TikTok/ThechknKL

PETALING JAYA, July 21 — A Malaysian husband in home quarantine jumped out of his skin when he saw his wife delivering food to his room dressed head-to-toe in personal protection equipment (PPE).

Restaurant owner Haqif Zulkifli posted a TikTok of his beloved wearing a full PPE suit complete with gloves, shoe covers, a face mask, and a face shield while holding boxes of food for him.

“Look at my wife,” Haqif said as the two of them burst out in laughter over the situation.

“I thought someone from the Health Ministry came to pick me up but turns out it was just my wife sending me food,” he wrote in the caption.

The endearing video has gone viral on TikTok with over 481,000 views so far, with many commenting on the couple’s cute antics and the dedication of Haqif’s wife.

Haqif told mStar that he is in home quarantine after finding out that an employee who worked at his restaurant had tested positive for Covid-19 recently.

Haqif was a close contact as they had just met up a few days ago and he immediately quarantined himself in a spare room at home for the sake of his wife and daughter’s well-being.

While waiting for his Covid-19 test results, Haqif said his wife has been taking care of things “from A to Z” and leaving food outside his door during mealtimes.

On his third day of quarantine, the 29-year-old got a shock when his wife showed up at his door dressed in a PPE suit.

Haqif was initially seized with panic thinking that someone from the Health Ministry had arrived to pick him up without warning.

“I thought a Health Ministry staff member was here to pick me up but I was confused because I never got a call or text about it.

“Turns out it was my wife in that PPE suit.

“Good thing she came to deliver food in the middle of the day. If she came after dark, I would’ve been even more shocked,” joked Haqif.

He said that his wife received the protective gear from her brother who works in PPE production.

The entrepreneur added that it wasn’t easy for her to wear the suit even for a short period due to the hot weather.

The experience helped them empathise with frontline workers who have to toil all day in full PPE as they battle the Covid-19 pandemic.

“(My wife) said it felt hot even though she only wore the suit for a short amount of time.

“We got to see a bit of what our frontliners have to face everyday, in PPEs and sweltering in the heat.”

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