Malaysian social media users share hot takes and memes on Singapore's ‘chicken rice crisis’ on Twitter

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 3 — Singaporeans upset with rising chicken rice prices have voiced their concerns online, much to the amusement of Malaysian Twitter users.

Memes and funny comments by Malaysians and Singaporeans alike flooded online in response to the ‘chicken rice crisis’.

Malaysia cut its export of live chickens to Singapore on Wednesday, resulting in a supply shortage for the island republic.

With rising chicken prices many vendors are unsure how long they can keep their businesses before raising their prices.

Chicken rice is considered by Singaporeans to be its national dish, where using freshly slaughtered chickens is often a stamp of quality.

Using frozen chickens to substitute live chickens is definitely a no-go for the hawker stall owners.

“Frozen chicken? You expect us to cook chicken rice using frozen chicken? It will not taste good,” Singaporean hawker Madam Tong said in a CNN interview.

“If that's the case and you’re happy with that kind of quality, you might as well go to Malaysia and eat chicken-rice there lah.”

Malaysian Twitter users responded with fresh hot takes against the sassy stall owner.

One online user did give fair constructive criticism over harsh roasts.

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