Malaysian social media reacts negatively to singer Atilia Haron’s barefoot yoga in PJ grocery store (VIDEO)

Tan Mei Zi
Atilia was seen doing yoga poses with her hands on the floor in the video. — Screengrab from Instagram/atiliaharon

PETALING JAYA, June 29 — Singer Atilia Haron courted controversy after she posted an Instagram video of herself doing yoga barefoot at a grocery store in Petaling Jaya.

The 46-year-old yoga enthusiast was seen doing various poses with her hands on the floor in Ben’s Independent Grocer at IPC Shopping Centre.

She then picks up a bar of chocolate from a nearby shelf before walking off.



Atilia, whose real name is Raja Putri Atilia Raja Haron, received criticism from social media users who expressed concerns over her disregard for hygiene during a pandemic.

They also pointed out that she was not wearing her face mask during the video.

The Old Love singer then responded to several comments to explain that she had taken off her mask temporarily for the video and that she had reportedly received permission from the store’s security personnel to film the video.

Atilia also said she bought the chocolate bar that she picked up after doing her yoga poses on the floor.

“This pandemic has caused much distress and uncertainties to people’s lives. 

“All I was doing was to lighten the mood. If this has offended you, it wasn’t my intention to do so. 

"Thank you for understanding and have a good day,” she wrote in response to a social media user asking her where her shoes were.

When someone called her “dirty” and “nasty” in the comments, Atilia said she gives “no f***s” because she didn’t think that her actions were inconveniencing other people.

“Oh well, my life is nastyhippie (sic), no f***s about whatever because I’m not bothering other people,” she said.

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