Malaysian social media influencer Harvinth Skin tweets about Singapore Grab driver with five screens while driving (VIDEO)

Melanie Chalil
The driver even had a mobile screen playing a live symphony while he was behind the wheel. — Twitter/Harvinth Skin

PETALING JAYA, Nov 13 — For most of us, a single screen on the dashboard would suffice to help navigate the roads.

But for a Grab driver in Singapore, the more the merrier is the name of his driving game.

The ride-hailing driver was pictured with five screens in his vehicle allowing him to obtain directions, keep an eye on his home security and even listen to a live symphony.

The image was captured by Malaysian comedian Harvinth Skin who took to Twitter to share his amusing observation when the driver picked him up.



The popular YouTuber and influencer asked in his caption if the man had time to look at the road without being distracted by his devices, three of which were mobile phones.



Harvinth along with other social media users praised the man for his multitasking abilities.





There were also those who jokingly said the driver needed another screen for mobile game Pokemon Go.

As expected with any Singapore-based stories, some Twitter users did not let go of the chance to throw shade at the island republic’s stringent laws.



Harvinth’s Tweet received 2,000 retweets and 2,000 likes since it was posted on Monday.

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