Malaysian singer Zizi Kirana urges fans facing bullying to stand up for themselves

Sylvia Looi
Sabahan singer Zizi Kirana revealed she preferred to be friends with boys in school as she was bullied by girls. ― Picture via Instagram/ zizi_kirana

KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 ― Singer Zizi Kirana was bullied in school and admits to having been called mean names by girls in school due to her physical appearances, including for her height, darker complexion and teeth.

Taking to her Instagram, the 35-year-old Sabahan whose real name is Nurfazelah Mad Tahil, said the bullying only stopped when she was in Form Three.

“Whoever that poked fun at me, I will wait for them in front of the school gate...and confront them.”

The Eh singer said initially she was affected by the name-calling but as time passed, she got used to it.

Due to the bullying, she chose to mingle more with boys.

“Girls are the ones who loved to mock me. That is why now I am very selective when it comes to befriending girls.

“It is okay not to have many female friends, as long as they are not toxic.”

Meanwhile, Zizi urged her fans going through the same ordeal she did, to stand up for themselves.


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