Malaysian singer Zamani plans to undergo surgery as scoliosis worsens (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 9 — Singer Zamani is currently in talks with his doctor about undergoing surgery to treat his scoliosis.

This is after the Slam vocalist shocked the public after he made several public appearances with a hunched posture.

The 51-year-old admitted to Gempak that his condition is worsening and he is afraid it will only get painfully worse if it’s not treated.

He added that he could no longer stand up straight and he would need to undergo a surgery which involves putting in a steel rod inside him to support his backbone.

'I’m a bit afraid because my right abdomen is getting thinner. There's almost nothing in there and I’m afraid. At the moment, it's really painful because the pain has reached my ribs.

'I even have trouble walking and working. For now, I just take painkillers because there are no specific medicines for scoliosis yet.'

Zamani admitted that he only realised how severe his situation was after watching videos of him performing, which have been circulating online.

'I’m not mad when people share the videos, just a bit taken back when people started sharing about my condition. But when I look back at the videos, it was only then I realised how bad it was looking from the side.

'Before this I was used to seeing my front side through the mirror but when I saw how I looked from the side, I’m sad actually,” he said.

The Aduh singer added that he first learned about his scoliosis back in 2015 and he had been dealing with it for 20 years now.

Zamani opted for traditional treatment before this, but has decided to go for surgery as traditional methods didn’t yield any positive results.

He added that even though he has money to pay for the operation, the singer would consider a fund-raising concert to bear the cost of his scoliosis operation.

'Financially, I still have my savings and let’s say if my savings are not enough, me and my management team are prepared to do a concert to collect funds.

'For now, I have commitments to do several shows, but despite to my condition that all of my fans now know, I will try to give my best,” he said.

Zamani expressed his gratitude to everyone who has been supporting him with positive messages and hoped the public can pray for his recovery.

'I just want to thank all my fans who have been praying for my health. Whatever happens after the surgery, I hope the public can accept it and pray for me.

'My wife has been taking care of me and I’m grateful to Allah for blessing me with such a wonderful wife. From when I was still healthy to now, she never stops caring for me.

'She understands me well and I hope that if something were to happen, I have prepared everything for her,” Zamani said.

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