Malaysian singer Fish Leong still positive about life despite divorce

Sylvia Looi

Malaysian singer Fish Leong still maintains a postive outlook on life despite going through a public divorce from wine merchant Tony Chao. — Picture via Instagram/ fishleong616

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 9 — Despite going through a divorce that has since become very public, Malaysian singer Fish Leong is still positive in her outlook on life.

Facing the media for the first time after news of her divorce from wine merchant Tony Chao became public, Leong said she was still in good spirits.

“I still believe the world is beautiful,” she told Taiwanese media when met after she performed at Nuannuan Elementary School in Keelung City.

Leong said it had been a long time since she last performed in a school hall and her performance had brought back memories of she performing in school choirs and singing competitions.

“Today my heart is full of warmth. I wish the school happy anniversary and its pupils having good results.”

“I hope to maintain the pureness of a child and still believe the world is beautiful. I too have my own child. I will continue to sing more good songs,” she was quoted as saying by China Press.

Leong’s nine-year marriage to Chao officially ended on December 2.

The couple was previously reported to have signed their divorce papers on August 15 after rumours started earlier this year that they were facing marital problems due to Chao’s past affairs.

Chao had brushed off the report then and said it was common for couples to argue but Leong later admitted during an event in September that her marriage to Chao had indeed ended.

It was recently reported that Chao had been spotted at the home of a single mother Lin Yijie and spent time with her and Taiwanese celebrity Demi Lin holidaying in Singapore.

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