Malaysian singer Fish Leong’s marriage to wine merchant Tony Chao has officially ended

Sylvia Looi
It is back to being single for Malaysian singer Fish Leong. — Picture via Instagram/ fishleong616

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2 — The marriage of Malaysian singer Fish Leong to her wine merchant husband Tony Chao has officially ended today.

Quoting her now ex-husband’s Facebook post, Sin Chew Daily reported that Dec 2 was the day he and Leong ended their 10 years marriage.

Claiming he had signed the divorce papers months back, Chao said he only didn’t send it out because he did not want the process to go through.

Revealing that he had initially hoped he could reconcile with Leong for their son Anderson’s sake, he said every marriage needs to be worked on,

“We worked hard before,” he said of his marriage with Leong, adding that both of them had gone through a lot and only they could understand.

Chao also refuted claims that he had cheated on Leong during their marriage.

“I continuously loved Jing Ru, loved this family. What was seen by outsiders are not the truths and indirectly hurt others.”

“In such a difficult period, it pains to be hit by such slander.”

Chao ended his post by saying he hoped Leong would find the happiness she yearns for and at the same time let him regain a peaceful life.

The couple had previously been reported to have signed their divorce papers on August 15 after rumours started earlier this year that they were facing marital problems due to Chao’s past affairs.

Chao had brushed off the report then and said it was common for couples to argue but Leong later admitted during an event in September that her marriage to Chao had indeed ended.

It was recently reported that Chao had been spotted at the home of a single mother in Lin Yijie and spent time with her and Taiwanese celebrity Demi Lin holidaying in Singapore.

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