Malaysian rocks RM18 counterfeit Fila dress at KL Fashion Week after losing Twitter challenge

Tan Mei Zi
Farah cut a flattering figure in the dress which she paired with light-coloured pumps and a quilted handbag. — Picture from Instagram/wanffarah

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23 — Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) might be the last place anyone would want to be seen wearing fake branded goods.

But what’s the fun in fashion if you can’t break the rules?

What started as an innocent Twitter joke for graphic designer Farah Wan Faisal turned into a hilarious challenge when she retweeted pictures of a fake Fila dress complete with frills and a polka dot print.

“Ten retweets and I’ll wear this to KLFW,” she wrote.

Farah was in for a shock when she woke up the next morning to find that her humble post had garnered thousands of retweets overnight.

Her friend Adam Zainal held her to her promise and even managed to find a distributor in Kelantan who sold the fake frock for just RM18.

Not long after, Farah found herself at the city’s hottest fashion event dressed to the nines in a counterfeit Fila item.

She accessorised the dress with light-coloured pumps and a quilted purse.

“Fashion is about being bold and brave.

“I was joking about the tweet but my friend Adam Zainal put matters in his own hands and contacted anyone in Kelantan to get that dress for me before KL Fashion Week.”

“Reppin’ rempit couture at KLFW,” Farah wrote on Instagram, referencing a subculture often stereotyped by their love for fake branded goods.

Twitter users have been raining compliments on Farah for being able to make the gaudy dress look flattering despite being an imitation product.

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