Malaysian Reen Rahim postpones plans to have a baby to join Toyota Gazoo Racing team

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 22 — Klang-born actress Reen Rahim will be hitting the asphalt at top speed this year.

And she’s postponing her plans of having a baby after tying the knot with entrepreneur husband, Ahmad Nur Hazim Zainal Abidin, in December last year.

Reen,, or her real name Noreen Ashikin Abdul Rahim, said via her Instagram that it has been one of her lifelong dreams to join a car racing competition after seeing some of her friends competing in the Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR).

“Suddenly last year, just three days before my wedding, TGR sent me an offer.

“I just had a late marriage and if I join, how can we have a baby? Even though Toyota didn’t specify anything about it but logically, how can you race when you’re pregnant. And the race is until October.

“So I decided to decline the offer,” she wrote in her captions.

However, after TGR repeated the offer to her, the Daddyku Gangster actress asked for a few more days to think it through and to discuss the offer with her husband who agrees with her joining the race.

Hazim told Reen that they could focus on their respective career this year before focusing on having a baby next year.

“I’ve also asked for Umi’s (mother) opinion on this.

“She told me she loves seeing me take on extreme sports especially as I’m kind of lazy and because I drive so slow due to my fear. She wants me to fight the fear,” Reen said.

After thinking it through, she decided to take up the offer and now Reen Rahim is officially part of TGR Family for their sixth season.

“I believe this is an opportunity from Allah and Alhamdulillah, I was not expecting to receive such an offer.

“Even though I’m the slowest at the moment, InsyaAllah I will improve, please pray for me. And pray that me and my hubby will get twins next year as well please!” she said in her captions.

Reen’s Instagram reel which showed her husband helping her with her stretching before her first race have been viewed over 200,000 times and have received over 14,000 likes.

Social media users also wished her the best of luck for her future races and in building her family in the future.