Malaysian real estate agent tries unique way to "urgently" sell a house, goes viral

The property agent had uploaded several pictures of the house, but these images were astonishingly blurry.

A composite image of ringgit note bills from Malaysia and a blurry picture of a house
A recent listing by a property agent in Malaysia showed an "urgent" need to sell the house in question. (Photo: Getty Images/Muhd Ferdaus)

In the era of social media, it's becoming increasingly common for real estate agents to utilise platforms like Facebook as a means to showcase their property listings.

Some are extremely creative, and sometimes there is no need to even showcase the property they're selling in a good light, as evidenced by a recent viral post that left online users amused.

A property agent by the name of Mohd Ferdaus on Facebook recently published an "URGENT" listing for a house located in Pandan Perdana, Malaysia.

According to the post, this house was a remarkable bargain, priced significantly below the current market value.

The property's description highlighted its attributes, portraying it as a fully renovated double-story end lot unit with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an abundance of parking space.

This particular property was advertised as a leasehold property, specifically categorised as a Bumi lot with a remaining lease duration of 80 years. The asking price for this house was set at RM720,000.

Netizens react as how netizens would

While the property listing itself appeared promising, what truly seized the attention of online users were not the property's features, but the accompanying images.

The property agent had uploaded several pictures of the house, but these images were astonishingly blurry, resembling pictures taken by a non-photographer who was in a rush to go somewhere.

Social media netizens wasted no time in sharing these blurry images. Comments and reactions flowed in, with some viewers humorously speculating about the quality of the images.

One commenter, Azli Fakri Nik Aziz, said, "I couldn't help but read the caption in a fast and urgent tone... next-level marketing."

Another commenter, Enthel Tan, playfully asked, "Were these pictures taken by Gen Z?"

These comments, while humorous, subtly acknowledged the property agent's unconventional marketing approach and how the overuse of the word "URGENT" could be perceived as comical rather than persuasive.

Memes and jokes inundated the comment section, as people light-heartedly speculated about the reasons behind the blurry images.

A screenshot from a comment thread on Facebook
"Bro, did you use a calculator to take the pictures?" (Screenshot: Facebook)
A screenshot from a comment thread on Facebook
"Hi bro. Is that area prone to 9.0 magnitude richter scale earthquakes?" (Screenshot: Facebook)
A screenshot from a comment thread on Facebook
"It's really very urgent, even taking pictures as he runs." (Screenshot: Facebook)

Whatever the reasons might be, one can't deny that he achieved what he set out to do, by getting this much attention on the property that's on sale.

Now, he only has to make sure that any real potential buyers get proper clear images of the house.

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