Malaysian police officers lead way for Rawang woman going into labour stuck in traffic

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The policemen cleared the way for Athirah and her sister through traffic. — Pictures via Facebook/Nor Athirah Adnan

PETALING JAYA, June 4 — Thanks to the help of some kind and compassionate policemen, Nor Athirah Adnan’s pregnant sister got to Selayang Hospital just in the nick of time.

Uploaded to Facebook two days ago, Athirah shared the heartwarming story of how three PDRM policemen aided her efforts to get her sister, who was going into labour, to the hospital.


cerita semalam,Alhamdulillah selamat semuanye..smlm sis nk antor adik ke spital,tiap kali dia contrction dlm kete sis...

Posted by Nor Athirah Adnan on  Monday, June 1, 2020

Athirah said in the post that she was trying to get to the Selayang Hospital as fast as she could but was scuppered by our infamous Malaysian traffic.

She also said that she was becoming increasingly flustered as her sister experienced multiple contractions on the way to the hospital, which is around half an hour away from her home in Rawang.

“Yesterday I was driving my sister to the hospital. Every time she had a contraction in the car I became nervous.

“The road was jammed up, so I turned on my hazard lights and drove as fast as I could.”

Athirah added in the comments section that she was tasked to be the emergency driver of the day as her sister was staying in her home while her husband was at work.

Athirah was even more worried for her sister when she saw the traffic ahead. — Picture by Miera Zulyana

Anxious and worried about her pregnant sister, Athirah raced her way through traffic and even overtook a few policemen while doing so.

“I was driving fast and I came across a few policemen. I cut past them and my exhaust pipe must have caught their attention.

“When I finally had to stop at a traffic light, they came over to ask me what was going on and I just pointed to my sister who was enduring the pain in the back seat.”

Seeing her sister going into labour, the policemen, believed to be from Rawang and Gombak, immediately sprung into action and cleared a path for Athirah and her sister.

“They instantly asked me to drive and they escorted up all the way to the hospital. It was such a smooth ride,” said Athirah.

She said in another post that they managed to get to the hospital just in time and rushed her sister into the hospital the moment they arrived.

“She’s receiving a blood transfusion now. Usually, you have to come early to get one before giving birth, but there wasn’t enough time when we reached.

“I’m so grateful that she and her baby are fine. But I wish I could’ve spoken to the policemen. I didn’t even manage to thank them or find out who they were. But wherever you guys are, thank you so much for helping us out.”

She wasn’t the only one who is full of admiration for the PDRM officers either as many social media users have praised the policemen and Athirah for their efforts.

Social media users praise the policemen for helping out and congratulate Athirah on becoming an aunt. — Screengrab via Facebook/Nor Athirah Adnan

Many users praised Athirah as even while under pressure, she got her sister to the hospital safely, but she was quick to divert all praise to the policemen as she said that she “would have never got there in time” if it wasn’t for them.

Other users joked that her car’s exhaust pipe was the real hero in the story, as it “alerted” the police officers.

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