Malaysian parents dress up as primary school students on their kid’s first day of school

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The first day of school for any kid sucks. From waterworks to clingy parents, there are many common sights to this rite of passage.

On top of that, it’s usually something a child will remember for a very long time.

It looks like the first day of school will be something this Primary 1 boy from Malaysia will remember for a long time. His parents who were also present at the send-off also dressed in similar school uniforms out of solidarity.


Ibu sama sama-sama berpakaian sekolah beri semangat untuk anak-anak melangkah ke darjah 1. Mohd. Fadzil Abu Naim, 41 dan Nurul Aini Mohd olwi, 41 menghantar anaknya, Muhammad ishraq aydan. 7 ke orientasi sekolah hari ini.

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A video uploaded by Kosmo showed Mohd Fadzil, 41 and Nurul Aini Mohd Olwi, 41, wearing primary school uniforms that matched their son’s.

In the video, the young boy looked nervous but with some encouraging pats and good ol’ dad adjusting his bag straps, he looked almost ready to face the day.

Social media users applauded them for their efforts and said they made exemplary parents.

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