Malaysian NGO pleads for RM60,000 to help disabled boy suffering from brain damage to get his treatments (VIDEO)

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K'ng is able to swallow food now aided by the help of a caretaker. — Picture via Ong Zhi Ying
K'ng is able to swallow food now aided by the help of a caretaker. — Picture via Ong Zhi Ying

PETALING JAYA, April 18 — Three-year-old disabled Penang boy J’den K’ng is in dire need of funds to help pay for his treatments and therapies to help him become stronger.

Since he was a year and a half, he was sent to Petaling Jaya’s non-governmental organisation (NGO) Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia by his single mother as she couldn’t afford to look after him.

The NGO has been taking care of K’ng together with 72 other special children suffering from intellectual disabilities.

According to the home’s social worker Ong Zhi Ying, K'ng suffered brain damage due to acute cerebral edema (brain swelling) that affected his body coordination since he was three months old.

“As such, he needed to be intubated to help him consume milk and has even lost his eyesight due to retinal hemorrhage (bleeding from blood vessels in the retina).

“Speech therapy and physiotherapy are essential every week so that it can help him chew and swallow the food the right way and to keep his body flexible to avoid muscular atrophy.

“Now, he is able to chew and swallow food aided by the caretaker.”

Ong added that some of his exorbitant medical expenses that the NGO needs to pay for include milk powder expenses, medical and follow-up treatments, physiotherapy fees, speech therapy fees and the cost of hiring a 24-hour professional caretaker.

“With your support and all the effort we put in, we are extremely glad to see K'ng’s improvements, as we see that Jden is able to crawl a short distance without any help.

“However, as a non-profit organisation, we don't have many resources and we hope that kind-hearted people can donate to this cause so that K'ng can grow up healthily and happily.” she said.

Below is the breakdown of K’ng’s monthly expenses.

Milk powder expenses - RM225

Medical and follow-up treatments - RM450

Physiotherapy - RM680

Speech therapy - RM936

24 hours professional caretaker - RM1,900

Diapers, daily necessities, Miscellaneous - RM900

Monthly expenses - RM5,091

Yearly expenses - RM61,092

Anyone interested in donating to the NGO can call Ong at 010-3674887 for more details.

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