Malaysian Muslim woman sings praises for Grab driver who waited for her cousin to complete prayers

Aliyah Ibrahim Ali Choon completing her prayers while the Grab driver waited. — Twitter/ @AinulNunanaa
Aliyah Ibrahim Ali Choon completing her prayers while the Grab driver waited. — Twitter/ @AinulNunanaa

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 30 — A non-Muslim Grab driver who was willing to wait for his passenger to finish her prayers, has won the hearts of many on social media.

Nur Ainul Jannah Mohamed Alijan and her cousin Aliyah Ibrahim Ali Choon had ordered a Grab ride and hoped to make it in time to perform their prayers at the nearest LRT station.

“But due to the traffic jam and while waiting for the ride, my cousin decided to pray first,” she told mStar.

Nur Ainul told the portal that they had arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Jitra, Kedah for work matters.

At that time, they were at Sri Petaling and were looking for a mosque or surau to perform their prayers.

“It is not that we did not try to look for it but we are not from KL and not used to that area. The time to pray has become nearer so my cousin decided to look for an open space that is clean to pray.”

Nur Ainul said when the Grab ride arrived, Aliyah was still praying.

“I went over to the uncle, who is a Chinese in his 40s, and told him that my cousin was praying while showing him her location.

“Without complaining, the uncle replied it’s okay, and he can wait and that my cousin can continue with her prayers.”

Nur Ainul said she was surprised when the uncle said Aliyah could continue with her prayers.

“He did not look like he was forced to wait for us,” she said, adding that the driver waited for about six minutes for them.

Nur Ainul added that they asked the uncle whether there will be extra charges for the wait he said they just need to pay the fare.

“His car is clean and it smells nice. The uncle’s heart is also ‘clean’ as he respects us,” she added.

Nur Ainul said she was thankful to meet a Grab driver who respects others.

“Although he is not Muslim, the uncle did not have problems with us. He was friendly although he had to wait for us.

“His willingness to wait for us shows he respects other religions.”

Nur Ainul, who initially uploaded her status on Twitter, also received a reply from Grab Malaysia.

“You are lucky to get a kind hearted driver. This is the perfect example of one Malaysia. Respect each other’s beliefs.

“We hope all drivers will be like him,” tweeted Grab Malaysia through its handle @GrabMy.

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