Malaysian man’s daring retrieval of earphones from railway track causes delay

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A local man recently got into trouble with the authorities after he tried to retrieve his earphones which had fallen onto the LRT tracks at Taman Paramount station.

The incident occurred at 8:09am when the alarm system went off, indicating the presence of the man on Platform 1 (Northbound).

According to Petaling Jaya district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Fakhrudin Abdul Hamid, the man’s attempt to retrieve his earphones caused a train delay of three minutes.

“The man was caught retrieving his earphones from the tracks, causing a train delay of three minutes.

“The 23-year-old man was detained for trespassing the railway tracks and was charged at the Petaling Jaya Court under Section 62 of the Railways Act 1991,” he said in a statement today.

In a statement, Mohamad Fakhrudin advised the public to follow the law and avoid engaging in criminal activities.

He also reminded commuters to prioritize their safety and not take unnecessary risks for minor possessions like earphones.


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